As you surely have read in the Home Page, all the current (and future) features and services will be free until December 1, 2010. So, what will happen next? Well, we are not completely sure yet but the most probable scenario is: certain features, services and actions in the website will remain free, but the other services and actions in the website will be paid.

With “actions” we are talking about, e.g.: post a new job or apply on a job.

Yes, we know it sucks but wait, there are two main reasons to do that: it will help to keep the reputation ecosystem clean of scammers (they don’t like to pay for scam) and all will go directly to pay hosting, user’s support, and future development of new features.

So… it still sucks? Please, wait to see the prices :)

Simple Fact

1€ = 1coin

Publish a job = 5 coins

Apply to a job = 1 coin

Not that bad, isn’t it? :)

More Facts

  • You just use coins when you need to do something that requires it.
  • Your credit doesn’t expire. (It’ll be there until you need to use it.)
  • You don’t need to buy and reserve coins. You can buy them directly on the go.
  • You should stay tuned to, e.g., our Twitter (@wp_pro_ws). We are sure there will be many opportunities to win free coins (even before the December 1). Don’t say we didn’t warn you, eh? ;)