About Us

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information blah yourself or blah blahblah… Oh! Wait! We are on air!! :S

Sorry about that!

Well, the important thing here is that we love WordPress, and used to love the [wp-pro] mailing list run by Automattic… 10 days ago (August 18, 2010) something has happened: Automattic has decided to switch off [wp-pro] (surely they had their reasons). Once the shock has passed we’ve remembered about an old idea we had (based on tons of discussions in the mailing list): make a website that REALLY helps people like the list subscribers to get their needs fulfilled.

So, here we are… 10 days after the announce, we did a great effort to make that site we think all list subscribers would love. There are tons of ideas, features and plans which we couldn’t finish yet, but we are still working on them and we expect to release each one as soon as it’s finished.

We hope the site will really help, will make them happier (and, hopefully, richer :)) not only those pals and gals from the (extinguished) [wp-pro] mailing list but many other people who needs to get things done day by day.

We wish you enjoy the site. Don’t be shy, keep in touch! :)